Antibody-Toxin Hybrids: A Clinical Review of Their Use
Independent Evolution of Antiviral and Growth-Modulating Activities of Interferon
Comparative Effect of Muramyl Dipeptide In Vivo and In Vitro on the Tumoricidal Activity of Rat Peritoneal Macrophages
Activation of Macrophage Cytostatic and Cytotoxic Activity In Vitro by Liposomes Containing a New Lipophilic Muramyl Peptide Derivative, MDP-L-Alanyl-Cholesterol (MTP-CHOL)
Historical Overview of the Use of Polynucleotides in Cancer
Immunomodulating Effects of Synthetic Polyribonucleotides
Optimization of an Immunotherapeutic Protocol with Poly(I,C)-LC
Polyadenylic-Polyuridylic Acid: Biological Response-Modifying Activities in Mice. In Vivo Organ Distribution and Pharmacokinetics in Rabbits
Preclinical Studies with Ampligen (Mismatched Double-Stranded RNA)
Prophylactic and Therapeutic Efficacy of Poly(I,C)-LC Against Rift Valley Fever Virus Infection in Mice
Immunomodulation of Natural Killer Activity by Polyribonucleotides
Poly(I,C)-LC as an Interferon Inducer in Refractory Multiple Myeloma
Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis
Phase II Trial of Poly(I,C)-LC, an Interferon Inducer, in the Treatment of Children with Acute Leukemia and Neuroblastoma: A Report from the Children's Cancer Study Group
Clinical Trials Using Polyadenylic-Polyuridylic Acid as an Adjuvant to Surgery in Treating Different Human Tumors
A Preliminary Trial of Poly(I,C)-LC in Multiple Sclerosis
Announcement : The International Symposium on Natural Immunity and Biological Response Modification for the Therapy of Cancer and Other Diseases