Use of Adult Fibroblasts Coupled to Muramyl Dipeptide to Induce Antitumor Immunity
Recombinant Interferon Alpha and Gamma in Combination as Treatment for Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma
Phase I Study of Recombinant Methionyl Human Consensus Interferon (r-metHuIFN-Con1)
Interleukin 2 Promotes Conjugate Formation by Purified LAK Precursors and T Lymphocytes : Evaluation of Conjugates Using Flow Cytometric Techniques
Analysis of the Molecular Organization of Recombinant Human Tumor Necrosis Factor (rTNF) in Solution Using Ethylene Glycolbis(succinimidylsuccinate) as the Cross-Linking Reagent
Analysis of the TNF Receptor on KYM Cells by Binding Assay and Affinity Cross-Linking
Functional Roles of Gamma Interferon in Proliferation and Differentiation of Human B Cell Subpopulations
Isolation of a Nonendotoxic Antitumor Preparation from Serratia marcescens
A Phase I Trial of Recombinant Human Gamma Interferon (IFN-γ4A) in Patients with Advanced Malignancy
Phase II Study of Human Lymphoblastoid Interferon in Patients with Multiple Myeloma