Antimelanoma Monoclonal Antibody-Ricin A Chain Immunoconjugate (XMMME-001-RTA) Plus Cyclophosphamide in the Treatment of Metastatic Malignant Melanoma : Results of a Phase II Trial
Superior Antiproliferative Effects Mediated by Interferon-α Entrapped in Liposomes Against a Newly Established Human Lung Cancer Cell Line
Tumor Necrosis Factor-Mediated Biological Activities Involve a G-Protein-Dependent Mechanism
Effects of Combinations of Interferon-βser and Interferon-γ on Interferon-Inducible Proteins and on the Cell Cycle
Heterogeneity in Lectin-Binding Characteristics of Human Lymphokine-Activated Killer Cells
Implications of Leukoregulin to Autologous Tumor-Specific Human T-Cell Populations
Evaluation of Combinations of Interferons and Cytotoxic Drugs in Murine Tumor Models In Vivo
Interaction Between Human Peripheral Blood Monocytes and Tumor Promoters : Effect on Growth Differentiation and Function In Vitro
Activation of Rat Pulmonary Lavage Cells by Intratracheal Administration of Polyinosinic-Polycytidilic Acid
In Vivo Administration of Recombinant Interleukin-2 Induces Granulocyte-Macrophage Colony Formation in a Murine System
Effect of Recombinant Interleukin-1α, Recombinant Interleukin-2, Recombinant Interferon-β, and Recombinant Tumor Necrosis Factor on Subcutaneously Implanted Adenocarcinoma 755 and Lewis Lung Carcinoma
Comparative Studies of the Long-Term Growth of Lymphocytes from Tumor Infiltrates, Tumor-Draining Lymph Nodes, and Peripheral Blood by Repeated In Vitro Stimulation with Autologous Tumor
Recombinant Interferon-α2a and Vinblastine in Advanced Renal Cell Cancer : A Clinical Phase I-II Study
Toxicity of Intravesical Recombinant Human Tumor Necrosis Factor in Cynomolgus Monkeys