Protective Effects of Zinc on Cadmium Toxicity in Rodents
In Vitro Dialyzability of Zincfrom Different Salts Used in the Supplementation of Infant Formulas
Zinc and Nitric Oxide Synthase Inhibitor L-NAME Attenuate NPY-Induced Feeding in Mice
Dietary Molar Ratios of Phytate : Zinc and Millimolar Ratios of Phytate × Calcium: Zinc in South Koreans
Zinc Concentration of Selected Ocular Tissues in Zinc-Deficient Rats**
Preliminary Study of Combination Therapy with Interferon-α and Zinc in Chronic Hepatitis C Patients with Genotype 1b
Interrelationship of Indices of Body Composition and Zinc Status in 11-Yr-Old New Zealand Children
Serum Zinc Levels and Alzheimer's Disease
Activation of Glycolysis by Zinc Is Diminished in Hepatocytes from Metallothionein-Null Mice
Leptin Concentration and the Zn/Cu Ratio in Plasma in Women with Thyroid Disorder
Leukocyte Selenium, Zinc, and Copper Concentrations in Preeclamptic and Normotensive Pregnant Women
Selenium Deficiency-Induced Alterations in the Vascular System of the Rat
Disulfonic Stilbene Prevents Selenite-Induced Cataract in Rat Pup Lens
Preliminary Study on the Determination of Selenium Compounds in Some Selenium-Accumulating Mushrooms
Generational Differences in Selenium Status of Women
Microcalorimetric Study of Escherichia coli Growth Inhibited by the Selenomorpholine Complexes
Detection of Potentially Myocardial Infarction Susceptible Individuals in Indian Population : A Mathematical Model Based on Copper and Zinc Status
Determination of Metal Concentrations in Animal Hair by the ICP Method : Comparison of Various Washing Procedures
Determination of Thirty-Two Elements in Human Autopsy Tissue
Effect of Lanthanum on Aged Seed Germination of Rice
Lanthanides Enhance Pulmonary Absorption of Insulin
Vanadium-Contaminated Perioperatively Administered Infusion Solutions and Drugs
Effects of Uranium Poisoning on Cultured Preimplantation Embryos
Histochemical Characterization of the Lead Intranuclear Inclusion Bodies
Concentrations of Trace Elements in Osteoarthritic Knee-Joint Effusions
Population Growth Responses of Tetrahymena shanghaiensis in Exposure to Rare Earth Elements