Protective Effects of Zinc on Cadmium Toxicity in Rodents
In Vitro Dialyzability of Zincfrom Different Salts Used in the Supplementation of Infant Formulas
Zinc and Nitric Oxide Synthase Inhibitor L-NAME Attenuate NPY-Induced Feeding in Mice
Dietary Molar Ratios of Phytate
Zinc Concentration of Selected Ocular Tissues in Zinc-Deficient Rats**
Preliminary Study of Combination Therapy with Interferon-α and Zinc in Chronic Hepatitis C Patients with Genotype 1b
Interrelationship of Indices of Body Composition and Zinc Status in 11-Yr-Old New Zealand Children
Serum Zinc Levels and Alzheimer's Disease
Activation of Glycolysis by Zinc Is Diminished in Hepatocytes from Metallothionein-Null Mice
Leptin Concentration and the Zn/Cu Ratio in Plasma in Women with Thyroid Disorder
Leukocyte Selenium, Zinc, and Copper Concentrations in Preeclamptic and Normotensive Pregnant Women
Selenium Deficiency-Induced Alterations in the Vascular System of the Rat
Disulfonic Stilbene Prevents Selenite-Induced Cataract in Rat Pup Lens
Preliminary Study on the Determination of Selenium Compounds in Some Selenium-Accumulating Mushrooms
Generational Differences in Selenium Status of Women
Microcalorimetric Study of Escherichia coli Growth Inhibited by the Selenomorpholine Complexes
Detection of Potentially Myocardial Infarction Susceptible Individuals in Indian Population
Determination of Metal Concentrations in Animal Hair by the ICP Method
Determination of Thirty-Two Elements in Human Autopsy Tissue
Effect of Lanthanum on Aged Seed Germination of Rice
Lanthanides Enhance Pulmonary Absorption of Insulin
Vanadium-Contaminated Perioperatively Administered Infusion Solutions and Drugs
Effects of Uranium Poisoning on Cultured Preimplantation Embryos
Histochemical Characterization of the Lead Intranuclear Inclusion Bodies
Concentrations of Trace Elements in Osteoarthritic Knee-Joint Effusions
Population Growth Responses of Tetrahymena shanghaiensis in Exposure to Rare Earth Elements