Analysis of Serum Copper and Zinc Concentrations in Cancer Patients
Accumulation of Calcium and Phosphorus Accompanied by Increase of Magnesium and Decrease of Sulfur in Human Arteries
Simultaneous Accumulation of Calcium, Phosphorus,and Magnesium in Various Human Arteries
Plasma and Erythrocyte Lipid Peroxide Levels in Workers with Occupational Exposure to Lead
Status of Selenium and Antioxidant Enzymes of Goitrous Children Is Lower Than Healthy Controls and Nongoitrous Children with High Iodine Deficiency
Age-Related Changes of Bone Mineral Density in Human Calcaneus,Talus, and Scaphoid Bone
Role of Some Trace Metal Ions in Placental Membrane Lipid Peroxidation
Accumulation of Calcium in the Arteries of Japanese Monkey
Combined Effects of Experimental Heavy-Metal Contamination (Cu, Zn, and CH3Hg) and Starvation on Quail's Body Condition
Dietary Boron Supplementation Enhanced the Action of Estrogen, But Not That of Parathyroid Hormone, to Improve Trabecular Bone Quality in Ovariectomized Rats
Effect of High Bromide Levels in the Organism on the Biological Half-life of Iodine in the Rat**
High Bromide Intake Affects the Accumulation of Iodide in the Rat Thyroid and Skin**
Manganese Absorption and Retention in Rats Is Affected by the Type of Dietary Fat
Effects of Micromolar Concentrations of Manganese, Copper, and Zinc on α1-Adrenoceptor-Mediating Contraction in Rat Aorta
Interaction Between Zinc and Iron in Rats
Zinc Supplementation Prevents Liver Injury in Chlorpyrifos-Treated Rats
Effect of Olive Oil- and Corn Oil-Enriched Diets on the Tissue Mineral Content in Mice
Seminal Toxicity of Nickel Sulfate in Mice
Uptake of 45Ca by Mitochondria of Trigonella foenum-graecum as Influenced by Selenium and Mimosine—Detailed Kinetic Analyses
The EXAFS Study on the Local Structure of Lanthanum in Spinach PSII
Extended X-ray Absorption Fine-Structure Study of the Bound Form of Lanthane in Chlorophyll-a from Dicranopteris dichotoma
Isolation and Partial Characterization of Selenium-Containing tRNA from Germinating Barley
Reference Values for Trace and Ultratrace Elements in Human Serum Determined by Double-Focusing ICP-MS
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