Quercetin Cumulatively Enhances Copper Induction of Metallothionein in Intestinal Cells
Serum Zinc and Copper Levels in Southeastern Turkish Children with Giardiasis or Amebiasis
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Elements in Erythrocytes of Population with Different Thyroid Hormone Status
Zinc Uptake by Human Erythrocytes With and Without Serum Albumins in the Medium
Quantitative Changes of Calcium, Phosphorus, and Magnesium in Common Iliac Arteries with Aging
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Accumulation of Magnesium as Well as Calcium and Phosphorus in Japanese Monkey Arteries with Aging
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Behavior and Neurotoxic Consequences of Lead on Rat Brain Followed by Recovery
Bioavailability Studies of a New Iron Source by Means of the Prophylactic-Preventive Method in Rats
Bone Aluminum Uptake in Uremic Rats Receiving Intraperitoneal Iron
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Effects of Ingestion of Cadmium-Polluted Rice or Low-Dose Cadmium-Supplemented Diet on the Endogenous Metal Balance in Female Rats
Pancreatic Exocrine Damage Induced by Subcutaneous Injection of a Low Dosage of Zinc
Investigation of the Mechanisms Affecting Cu and Fe Bioavailability from Legumes : Role of Seed Protein and Antinutritional (Nonprotein) Factors
Effects of Ionic Valency of Interacting Metal Elements in Ion Uptake by Carrot (Daucas carota cv. U.S. harumakigosun)
Concentrations and Flux of Rare Earth Elements in a Semifield Plot as Influenced by Their Agricultural Application
On the Interaction of the Vanadyl(IV) Cation With Lactose : Inhibition Effects of Vanadyl(IV)/Monosaccharide and Disaccharide Complexes upon Alkaline Phosphatase Activity
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