A Preliminary Study of Chromium Distribution in Chromium-Rich Brewer's Yeast Cell by NAA

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The purpose of this study was to assess the chromium (Cr) distribution in chromium-rich brewer's yeast cell. The chromium concentrations in the cell wall and protoplast fractions of the chromium-rich yeast were determined by neutron activation analysis (NAA). Moreover, the combined state of chromium and amino acid content in the Cr-rich brewer's yeasts was analyzed and measured. The experimental results indicate that the introduction of water-soluble chromium(III) salt as a component of the culture medium for yeasts results in a substantial amount of chromium absorbed through the cell wall by the yeast, among which 80.9% are accumulated in the protoplast. It implies that, under optimal conditions, yeasts are capable of accumulating large amounts of chromium and incorporating chromium into organic compounds.

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