Effect of Long-Term Therapy with Sodium Valproate on Nail and Serum Trace Element Status in Epileptic Children
Relationship Among Manganese, Arginase, and Nitric Oxide in Childhood Asthma
Chromium and Manganese Levels in the Scalp Hair of Normals and Patients with Breast Cancer
Distribution of Lead in Human Milk Fractions : Relationship with Essential Minerals and Maternal Blood Lead
Effects of Zinc, Copper, and Selenium on Placental Cadmium Transport
Superoxide Dismutase Activity and Zinc and Copper Concentrations in Growth Retardation
Activity of Glutathione Peroxidase, Glutathione Reductase, and Lipid Peroxidation in Erythrocytes in Workers Exposed to Lead
Age-Dependent Decreases of Sulfur and Magnesium in Human Round Ligaments of the Uterus and Relationships Among Elements
Accumulation of Calcium in Human Common Iliac Artery, Aortic Valve, Xiphoid Process, Costal Cartilage, Posterior Longitudinal Ligament, Trigeminal Nerve, and Rib Accompanied by Increase of Magnesium
Decreased Zinc Toxicity Resulting from Doxorubicin Without Increased GSSG Export in Three Human Lung Cell Lines
Effects of Halothane, Enflurane, and Isoflurane on Plasma and Erythrocyte Antioxidant Enzymes and Trace Elements
Removal of Selenium and Arsenic by Animal Biopolymers
Cytotoxicity of Copper Ions Released from Metal : Variation with the Exposure Period and Concentration Gradients
A Review of the “Mysterious” Wasting Disease in Swedish Moose (Alces alces L.) Related to Molybdenosis and Disturbances in Copper Metabolism
Role of Zinc in Regulating the Levels of Hepatic Elements Following Nickel Toxicity in Rats
Effect of Zinc on Biological Half-Lives of 65Zn in Whole Body and Liver and on Distribution of 65Zn in Different Organs of Rats Following Nickel Toxicity
Effect of Nickel(II) Chloride on Iron Content in Rat Organs After Oral Administration
Effect of Chronic Fluorosis on Lipid Peroxidation and Histology of Kidney Tissues in First- and Second-Generation Rats
Effects of Taurine on Oxidative Stress Parameters and Chromium Levels Altered by Acute Hexavalent Chromium Exposure in Mice Kidney Tissue
Influence of Extremely-Low-Frequency Magnetic Field on Antioxidative Melatonin Properties in AT478 Murine Squamous Cell Carcinoma Culture
Heavy Metal and Other Trace Elements in Native Mussel Diplodon chilensis from Northern Patagonia Lakes, Argentina
Trace Elemental Analysis of Cancer-Afflicted Intestine by PIXE Technique
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