Seminal Plasma Zinc Concentration and α-Glucosidase Activity with Respect to Semen Quality
Smoking Does Not Influence Cadmium Concentrations in Blood and Urine in Relatively High Levels of Environmental Cadmium Areas in Japan
Urinary and Serum Titanium
A Mild Magnesium Deprivation Affects Calcium Excretion But Not Bone Strength and Shape, Including Changes Induced by Nickel Deprivation, in the Rat*,†,‡
Effect of Black Cumin (Nigella sativa) on Heart Rate, Some Hematological Values, and Pancreatic β-Cell Damage in Cadmium-Treated Rats
Effects of Acute Manganese Chloride Exposure on Lipid Peroxidation and Alteration of Trace Metals in Rat Brain
Influences of Nano-anatase TiO2 on the Nitrogen Metabolism of Growing Spinach
Building Leadership Skills in Food and Nutrition Essential for National Development