MR Proton Relaxivities of Some Ions, Albumin, and Cholesterol Added to Odontogenic Jaw Cysts
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Estimation of Boron Intake and its Relation with Bone Mineral Density in Free-Living Korean Female Subjects
Effects of Vitamin E and Selenium on Serum Trace and Major Elements in Horses
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Attenuation of Zn-Induced Acute Pancreatitis in Wistar Rat Fed on Cu- and Mg- Enriched Modified Poultry Eggψ
Differential Effects of Doses and Forms of Dietary Selenium on Immune Cell Numbers in the Skin of Ultraviolet-irradiated and Unirradiated Mice
Effects of Selenium and Low Levels of Lead on Mammary Tumor Development and Growth in MMTV-infected Female Mice
Correlation of Toxicity with Lead Content in Root Tip Cells (Allium cepa L.)
External Iron Regulates Polyphosphate Content in the Acidophilic, Thermophilic Alga Cyanidium caldarium