Iodine and Magnesium Levels in Maternal and Umbilical Cord Blood of Preeclamptic and Normal Pregnant Women
The Prediction of Cardiovascular Disease Based on Trace Element Contents in Hair and a Classifier of Boosting Decision Stumps
Effect of Zinc Supplementation on Thyroid Hormone Metabolism of Adolescents with Down Syndrome
Hair Iron and Other Minerals' Level in Breast Cancer Patients
Serum Levels of Antioxidants (Zn, Cu, Se) in Healthy Volunteers Living in Tehran
Influence of Drinking and/or Cooking with Jinzu River Water on the Development of Itai-Itai Disease
The Role of Arginine–Nitric Oxide Pathway in Patients with Alzheimer Disease
Testosterone Levels in Athletes at Rest and Exhaustion
Selenium Deficiency as a Possible Contributor of Goiter in Schoolchildren of Isfahan, Iran
Determination of Copper and Iron in Biological Samples of Viral Hepatitis (A–E) Female Patients
The Association Between Arsenic and Children's Intelligence
Plasma Copper and Bone Mineral Density in Osteopenia
Copper and Ceruloplasmin in Children Undergoing Heart Surgery with Cardiopulmonary Bypass
The Effect of Age and Gender on Al, B, Ba, Ca, Cu, Fe, K, Li, Mg, Mn, Na, P, S, Sr, V, and Zn Contents in Rib Bone of Healthy Humans
Phagocytosis, Oxidative Burst, and Produced Reactive Species are Affected by Iron Deficiency Anemia and Anemia of Chronic Diseases in Elderly
Analysis of 35 Inorganic Elements in Teeth in Relation to Caries Formation
Characterization and Identification of Hepatic mRNA Related to Copper Metabolism and Homeostasis in Cattle
The Influence of Rich-in-Cholesterol Diet and Fluoride Ions Contained in Potable Water Upon the Concentration of Malondialdehyde and the Activity of Selected Antioxidative Enzymes in Rabbit Liver
Hepatoprotective Potentials of Onion and Garlic Extracts on Cadmium-Induced Oxidative Damage in Rats
Chromium(III) Nanoparticles Affect Hormone and Immune Responses in Heat-Stressed Rats
Biochemical Toxicity of Nano-anatase TiO2 Particles in Mice
Effects of Selenium and Topiramate on Lipid Peroxidation and Antioxidant Vitamin Levels in Blood of Pentylentetrazol-Induced Epileptic Rats
Effects of Lead and/or Cadmium on the Expression of Metallothionein in the Kidney of Rats
Biosafety of Flavonoids in Rats
Dietary Selenium (Se) and Copper (Cu) Interact to Affect Homocysteine Metabolism in Rats
Effect of Soluble Fiber Pectin on Growth and Intestinal Iron Absorption in Rats During Recovery from Iron Deficiency Anemia
Influence of Methionine upon the Concentration of Malondialdehyde in the Tissues and Blood of Rats Exposed to Sodium Fluoride
The Role of Amino Acids in the Long-Distance Transport of La and Y in the Xylem Sap of Tomato
Effects of Pb2+ on the Structure and Function of Photosystem II of Spirodela polyrrhiza
Serial Follow-Up Study on Renal Handling of Calcium and Phosphorus After Soil Replacement in Cd-Polluted Rice Paddies Estimated Using a General Linear Mixed Model
Potential Ecological Risk Assessment of Heavy Metal Pollution in Sediments of the Yangtze River Within the Wanzhou Section, China
Discrimination of Bullet Types Using Analysis of Lead Isotopes Deposited in Gunshot Entry Wounds