Simultaneous Determination of Cd, Pb, Cu, Zn, and Se in Human Blood of Jordanian Smokers by ICP-OES
The Organic Selenium Compound Selenomethionine Modulates Bleomycin-Induced DNA Damage and Repair in Human Leukocytes
Nutritional Status of Zinc in Children with Down Syndrome
Effects of Calcium Supplementation on Glucose and Insulin Levels of Athletes at Rest and After Exercise
Selenium Distribution in Camel Blood and Organs After Different Level of Dietary Selenium Supplementation
Effect of Fluoride Exposure on Serum Glycoprotein Pattern and Sialic Acid Level in Rabbits
Influence of Methionine upon the Activity of Antioxidative Enzymes in The Kidney of Rats Exposed to Sodium Fluoride
Effect of Maternal Exposure of Fluoride on Biometals and Oxidative Stress Parameters in Developing CNS of Rat
Selenium Supplementation Decreases Hepatic Fibrosis in Mice After Chronic Carbon Tetrachloride Administration
Levels of Selected Trace Elements, Phytohormones, and Sugars in Pseudomonas-Infected Lycopersicum esculantum Mill Plants
Salmonella–Macrophage Interactions upon Manganese Supplementation
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