Ecological Aspects of Evolution of the Plague Microbe Yersinia pestis and the Genesis of Natural Foci
Ultrastructure of Type 2A Extrafusal Muscle Fibers and Muscle Spindle Intrafusal Fibers of Adult Rats after Prolonged Swimming
The Induction of Glyoxylate Cycle Enzymes in Tissues of Starving Rats
The Nature of Heterosis and Methods of Enhancing and Fixing It in a Series of Generations without Hybridization
Biochemical Adaptation of Barley Root Cells to Toxic Substances. II. Effect of Heavy Metals on Phosphohydrolase Activity
The Use of Fur Collected in the Field for Studying the Genetic Diversity of Wild Ungulates
Allometry of Reproduction in Poikilotherm and Homoiotherm Vertebrates
Optimality of Enzymatic Physiological Systems
Temperature Asymmetry of the Rat Cerebral Hemispheres
Estimation of Individual Radioresistance on the Basis of Some Parameters Characterizing the Initial State of Regulatory Systems of an Animal Organism
Rates of Decomposition Processes in Mountain Soils of the Sudeten as a Function of Edaphic-Climatic and Biotic Factors
Morphofunctional Properties of Mollusk Foot in Relation with Ecology
Effects of Elevated Temperature on Sex Ratio in a Population of Hog Slaters (Asellus aquaticus L.)