A Biological Model of Accelerated Senescence. 3. Histological Characteristics of Age-Related Changes of Spermatogenic Epithelium in SAM (Senescence-Accelerated Mouse) Mice
Composition of Neutrophilic Peroxisomes
Patterns of Biochemical Differentiation in Ontogenesis
Altered Balance of Macroelements and Trace Elements in Blood Serum, Its Ultrafiltrates, and Hairs Long after Exposure to Low Doses of Ionizing Radiation
Elevated Micronucleus Frequency in Bone Marrow Erythrocytes in the Progeny of Male Mice Exposed to Chronic Low-Dose Gamma Irradiation
Specific Features of the Formation of a Halo during Pathogenesis as a Response of Cereal Epidermal Cells to Penetration of Powdery Mildew Causative Agents
Level of Endogenous Cytokinins and Abscisic and Salicylic Acids in the Leaves of Phlox paniculata and Ph. setacea under the Influence of Invasion by Conidia of Phytopathogens
Antifungal Activity of Aqueous Extracts of the Leaves of Cowparsnip and Comfrey
Structural Features of Spines in Some Rodents (Rodentia : Myomorpha, Hystricomorpha)
About Mechanisms Responsible for the Depression of Alcohol Motivation Resulting from the Immunization of Albino Rats against Alcohol Dehydrogenase I : The Role of ADH Epitopes and ADH Activity in the Adrenals
Antistress Effect of Nitric Oxide
Sleep-Inducing Properties of DSIP Analogs : Structural and Functional Relationships
Findings of the Tropical Group Testate Amoebae (Protozoa:Testacea) at the Far East (Sikhote Alin Reserve)
Typology of Landscape-Regional Distribution of the Acridoidea Species in Grass Biotopes of South-West Siberia Based on Isopleth Portraits of Their Quantitative Distribution
Features of Species and Structural Diversity of Artificial Pine Stands on Soddy–Podzolic Loam Soils
Hormonal Balance in Wheat Infected with Helminthosporium sativum
On the Role of β-Adrenoreceptors in Mechanisms Underlying Neurogenic Dystrophies
Eco-Economical Model of the Region Development Based on the Delphi Approach (at the Bieszczad Mountain Region, Poland)