Biology of Stem Cells
Stem Cells of Mammalian Brain : Biology of the Stem Cells in vivo and in vitro
Behavior and Differentiation of the Neural Stem Cells in vivo
Stem Cells—One of the Pathways for Nervous Tissue Regeneration
Embryonic Sources of Definitive Hemopoietic Stem Cells
Proliferative and Differentiation Potential of Individual Clones Derived from Bone Marrow Stromal Precursor Cells
Population Dynamics of Clonogenic Stromal Precursor Cells in Hemopoietic and Lymphoid Organs during Bone Marrow Regeneration
Embryonic Stem Cells : Spontaneous and Directed Differentiation
Embryonal Cell Hybrids : New Opportunities for Studying Pluripotency and Reprogramming of the Differentiated Cell Chromosomes
Multipotent and Stem Cells in the Developing, Definitive, and Regenerating Vertebrate Eye
The Replicative Potential of Hepatocytes and Liver Stem Cells
Epidermal Stem Cells
Human Myoblast Culture as Muscle Stem Cells in Medical and Biological Studies
The Role of Stem and Pluripotent Cells in Differentiation and the Neoplastic Transformation of Pancreatic Cells
Effect of Glycine and Strychnine on Cl−-Activated Mg2+-ATPase from Bream Brain Microsomes (Abramis brama L.)
Bergmann's Principle and Deep-Water Gigantism in Marine Crustaceans