Induction of Invasion and Tubulogenesis in Primary Human Keratinocyte Culture
Phorbol12-Myristate13-Acetate Relieves the Inhibitory Effect of A23187 on Erythroid Differentiation of K562 Cells Induced by Dimethylsulfoxide
Enzymatic System of Metabolism and Detoxication of Xenobiotics as a Basis of Metabolic Portraiting during Prognostication of Risk of Pathological Processes
A Comparative Study of the Hemolytic and Cytotoxic Activities of Triterpenoids Isolated from Ginseng and Sea Cucumbers
Nonexponential Diffusion Extinction of Spin Echo from Water Protons in Wheat Root
Inhibition of IAA-Induced Growth of Wheat Coleoptile Fragments by Chitin-Chitosan Oligomers
Once More about Hepatoid Circumanal Glands of Dogs; History of Their Discovery and Causes of Revision of Their Structure and Function
Kinetics of β1-Adrenergic Reaction of the Chick Embryo Amnion
Dermorphins are Natural Opioids with an Unique Primary Structure That Determines Their Biological Specificity
Penetration of Cow Milk Angiogenin into the Blood of Mice after Peroral Introduction
Influence of Illumination Oscillations on Growth and Energetics of the Goldfish Carassius auratus
Specific Features of Nitrogen Fixation and Denitrification in Termites Neotermes castaneus, Zootermopsis angusticollis, and Reticulitermes lucifugus
Effects of Orthophosphates and Condensed Phosphates on Chemical and Spectral Properties of the Humus Derivatives of Phosphorus and Metals
Estimates of Cell Quotas of Nitrogen and Phosphorus in Accumulative Cultures of Chlorococcous Algae
Additional Nuclear DNA in Cells of Embryo Sacs of Haemanthus albiflos and Ornithogalum caudatum
Obtaining an Interspecific Hybrid of Cranes by Artificial Insemination with Frozen–thawed Semen
Role of Meteorological Factors in the Formation of the Plant Nitrate Pool