Enzymatic System of Metabolism and Detoxication of Xenobiotics as a Basis of Metabolic Portraiting during Prognostication of Risk of Pathological Processes

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We studied intraspecific features of the main enzymes of metabolism and detoxication of xenobiotics on mice (eight inbred lines) and rats (five lines) for estimation of possible variants of complete or incomplete metabolic equality. Significant genetically determined intraspecific differences for activities of the enzymes of metabolism and detoxication of xenobiotics were described. Generalized criteria for comparison of the metabolic status were proposed on the basis of activities of the main enzymes: cytochrome P-450 (hydroxylation and epoxidation), epoxyhydrolase, glutathione-S-transferase, UDP-glucuronosyl transferase, and sulfotransferase. The proposed criteria for estimation of the metabolic parameters of an individual can serve as a basis of metabolic portraiting.

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