Obtaining an Interspecific Hybrid of Cranes by Artificial Insemination with Frozen–thawed Semen

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Studies of artificial insemination of cranes and cryoconservation of their semen have been carried out in the nursery of rare species at the Oka Biosphere Reserve for many years. The criterion of successful cryoconservation of the semen is the obtaining of fertilized eggs after artificial insemination by the thawed semen. An experiment is described on artificial insemination of females of the white-naped crane Grus vipio by the frozen–thawed semen of the Siberian white crane G. leucogeranus after one-year storage of semen in liquid nitrogen. As a result, an interspecific hybrid of cranes was obtained, which confirmed the possibility of producing a bank of cryoconserved crane semen. The use of the white-naped crane females was due to the absence of conspecific males and unavailability of Siberian white crane females. Problems of artificial insemination and cryoconservation of semen of rare crane species are discussed.

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