Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Academician) Nikolai Grigorievich Khrushchov
Hemopoiesis on Stromal Sublayers Formed by Constant Lines of Fibroblasts
Effect of Continuous γ-Irradiation at Low Doses on Clonogenic Hemopoietic (CFU-S) and Stromal (CFU-F) Cells of Bone Marrow
The Role of Cell Proliferation in Tubulogenesis of Human Keratinocytes1
Fibroblasts Stimulate Epithelization of Collagen Gel
An Immunohistochemical Study of Localization of the Calcium-Binding Protein Recoverin in Retina of the Newt Pleurodeles waltl
The Mechanism of Bactericidal Activity in Phagosomes of Neutrophils
Pattern of Formation of Nuclear Chromosomal Apparatus after Remote Hybridization of Wheat and Buckwheat : Effect of Low Temperature
Cycloheximide-Induced Decrease in Frost Resistance of Winter Wheat Is Mediated by Inhibited Adaptive Rearrangement of the Cell and Chloroplast Structure
Analysis of Mechanisms Underlying Adaptation Processes
Morphofunctional Organization of Lymphoepithelial Organs of the Human Pharynx
Effect of Structural Changes of Pro6 in Dermorphin Molecule on Its Antinociceptive Activity
New Biological Properties of p -Aminobenzoic Acid
Morphobiochemical Adaptations to Life on Littoral in Some Sedentary Gastropods
Heterogeneity and Polymorphism of Functionally Specialized Blood Proteins of Migratory Fish on the Example of the North Caspian Population of Russian Sturgeons during the Sea and River Periods of Life. 2. Hemoglobins
On Bacterial Origin of Mitochondria in Eukaryotes in the Light of Current Ideas of Evolution of the Organic World