The Causes of Necrobiosis and Apoptosis of Cornea Epithelial Cells during Primary Acquired Keratoconus Cornea
The Influence of the End Products of Plasmin-Mediated Hydrolysis of Fibrinogen and Fibrin (E F and E f Fragments) on Fibrinogen Cross-linking
Catalytic Properties of Cytoplasmic and Mitochondrial Aconitate Hydratase from Rat Cardiomyocytes
Functional Characteristics of Bacterioplankton with Reference to Its Aggregation in Water Bodies of Different Types
Application of the Serological Method for Evaluation of Relations between Gymnospermous and Dicotyledonous Plants
Possible Ways of Spreading and Evolution of Alcids
Prospects for Studies of Morphological Variability of Land Pulmonate Snails
Thermal Compensation of Respiration in Pulmonate Snails (Pulmonata) of Arion and Deroceras Genera Living in Polar and Temperate Climatic Zone
Test for Bioenergetic Progress and Specific Energy Metabolism in Isopod Crustaceans (Isopoda) of Various Ecology
Nitric Oxide Storage in the Cardiovascular System
Influence of Unilateral Nephrectomy on Aldosterone Reception in the Remaining Kidney in Rats
Morphofunctional State of Epiphysis in Relatively Wild and Domesticated Silver-Black Foxes during Pregnancy
Effect of Estradiol Dipropionate on Protein Synthesis in Oocytes and Ovary of the Sea Urchin Strongylocentrotus intermedius at Different Stages of the Reproductive Cycle
Ecologically Tolerable Levels of Abiotic Factors. Study of Freshwater Bodies in Asiatic Part of Russia and Uzbekistan
Extracellular Protease Activity in Cryosphere Components
Population as a Test System