Cytotoxic Activity of Dammarane Triterpenoids from Birch Leaves
Ecdysterone Modulates Antitumor Activity of Cytostatics and Biosynthesis of Macromolecules in Tumor-Bearing Mice
Changes in Sensitivity of Leukemia P388 Cells to Oxidative Stress and Platidiam upon Tumor Growth
Expression of Regulatory Homeobox Genes during Retina Regeneration in Adult Newts
Specific Features of Microsporogenesis in the Hemp of the Shu Valley
Influence of Exogenous Salicylic Acid on the Level of Phytohormones in Tissues of Phlox paniculata and Phlox setacea Leaves with Special Reference to Resistance against the Powdery Mildew Causative Agent Erysiphe cichoracearum DC. f. phlogis Jacz
Respiration of Mitochondria in Developing Sunflower Seeds
Detection of Hepatoid Glands and Distinctive Features of the Hepatoid Acinus
The Mechanisms Underlying the Formation of Systemic Hemodynamic Reactions : Role of Initial Vessel Tone and Arterial Pressure
A Marker of Early Stages of Diabetic Retinopathy
Anticoagulant, Fibrinolytic, and Antithrombotic Effects of the Heparin–Insulin Complex
Energy Bases and Scale of the Production-Destruction Balance in the Black Sea : Photosynthesis and Flows of Corg, O2, and CO2
Morphofunctional Properties of Nutrition of Certain Predatory Gastropods
Biological, Hydrochemical, and Hydrological Data on Freshwater in Russia and Neighboring Countries for Constructing a Computerized Information System
Ecology of Testate Amoebae from Oligotrophic Peatlands : Specific Features of Polytypic and Polymorphic Species
Testaceans (Testacea, Protozoa) of Taiga Soils in Western Siberia (Surgut Polesye)
Influence of Different Ecological Groups of Earthworms on the Intensity of Nitrogen Fixation