Organization and Evolution of Animal Colonies
Disturbed Cooperation of Hepatocytes in the Rhythm of Protein Synthesis by Chelating Agent of Cytoplasmic Calcium BAPTA-AM
Antioxidant Properties of Heat-treated Hibiscus syriacus 1
An Organotypic Culture of the Newt Retina together with Other Tissues of the Posterior Eye Segment as a Model for Studying the Effects of Cell Adhesion Glycoproteins
Effect of Dietary Intoxication by Mercury Salts on Cysteine Proteinase Activity in Rat Tissues
Theoretical Analysis of Inductive Effects in Higher Plant Photosynthesis
The Influence of Salinity on the Rate of Dark Respiration and Structure of the Cells of Brown Algae Thalli from the Barents Sea Littoral
Cold Hardening of Plants is a Result of Maintenance of an Increased Photosynthesis/Respiration Ratio at Low Temperatures
Architectonic and Diagnostic Significance of Hair Cortex and Medulla
On the Roles of Morphological and Biochemical Criteria in Species Identification : An Example of Dragonfly Larvae of the Genus Aeschna
Interaction with Esterases and Mechanism of Synergistic Action of Thio- and Dithiophosphates Containing the Fragments N-Acylated Glycine and β-Alanine
Blood Corticosterone Concentration and Differential Blood-Count in Stressed Norway Rats with Different Modes of Behavior
Territoriality in Aquatic Animals and Their Sizes
On the Notion of Microrange of Soil Testaceans
Requirements for Glucose, Nitrate, and Phosphate and Their Variations in the Analysis of the Mixed Culture of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Variants