Ultrastructure of Muscle Spindles (Mechanoreceptors) of Rat m. soleus after Support Unloading and Its Combination with Hypergravity
Changes in Mitochondria and Intermitochondrial Junctions of Rat Cardiomyocytes upon Adrenergic Stimulation by Isoproterenol
Effect of Naloxone on the Activity of Cl−-Activated Mg2+-ATPase from Plasma Membrane Fraction of Bream Brain (Abramis brama L.) in the Presence of GABAa-ergic Substances
PXD Gene Controls Synthesis of Three Anionic Peroxidase Isoforms in Arabidopsis thaliana
Electroosmotic Phenomena in Plant Tissues
Nitrate Assimilation Function of Yellow Lupine Root Nodules?
Effect of Aluminium and cAMP on Acid Phosphatase from the Apoplast of Barley and Maize Root Cells
Effect of High Air Temperature on Cytokinins and Abscisic Acid Contents as Well as Water Balance in Wheat Seedlings
Aldosterone Binding by Compensatory Hypertrophied Kidney with Disturbed Neurotrophic Supply in Rats
Dynamics of Ecological–Biochemical Characteristics of Sea Ice in Coastal Waters of the White Sea
Certain Biological Traits and Morphobiochemical Adaptations to Nutrition in Strombus decorus raybaudii Nicolay and Manoja, 1983
Invaders Ctenophores Mnemiopsis leidyi (A. Agassiz) and Beroe ovata Mayer 1912, and Their Influence on the Pelagic Ecosystem of Northeastern Black Sea
Testaceans (Protozoa: Testacea) in Quaternary Permafrost Sediments of Bykovsky Peninsula, Arctic Yakutia