Evolutionary Development of the Immunoglobulin Family
Biochemical Properties of Lipid Composition of Lipoproteins in Fish of Different Ecological Groups, Rainbow Trout Salmo irideus L. and Whitefish Coregonus lavaretus L.
Multiple Forms of Proteasomes and Approaches to Their Separation
Study of Cholinesterase Active Site Using a Fluorescent Probe
Effect of Low Doses of Chemical Toxicants on Phospholipid Composition in Animal Liver
Effect of Ouabain, Iodacetamide, and pH on Human Erythrocyte Hemolysis Induced by Calcium Ions in the Presence of Ionophore A23187
Calcium in the Control of Nitrogenase Activity in Vicia faba L. Root Nodules
Activation of Chlororespiration Increases Chlorophyll Fluorescence Yield in Chlorella Adapted to Darkness at High Temperature
Principles of Acoustic Communication between Man and Birds
Involvement of the Saiga Liver in Carbohydrate Metabolism during Ontogeny
Selective Histochemical Identification of Nerve Cell Populations Using Fucose-Specific Lectins
Stimulation of σ1 Receptors Alleviates Reperfusion-Induced Myocardial Stunning
Extracellular Carbohydrates and Polysaccharides of the Alga Chlorella pyrenoidosa Chick S-39
Radiocarbon Dating of Pollen and Spores from Ice Wedges of the Yamal and Kolyma Regions
Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Vole Populations in Heterogeneous Habitats of the Iremel' Mountain Range
Nitrogen Pool in Northern-Taiga Larch Forests of Central Siberia