Pattern of Skeletal Muscle Differentiation in Fish
Oxides of Nitrogen (NO˙ and NO2 −) as Cofactors of the Myeloperoxidase System
Apoptosis in P388 Leukemia Cells Induced by Specific Inhibitors of 5- and 12-Lipoxygenase and the Product of Cyclooxygenase, Prostaglandin E2
Regenerative Capacity of Muscle Tissue and Thymus State in γ-Irradiated Rats Exposed to Long-term He–Ne Laser Radiation
Effect of Vernalization and Red Light Illumination of Seedlings of Bread Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) on the Temperature Profile of cAMP Phosphodiesterase Activity
Physicochemical and Immune Properties of Glycoglycerolipids from Laminaria japonica in Immunostimulating Complexes (ISCOMs)
Combined Effect of Diazepam and GABAA-ergic Ligands on the Activity of Cl−-ATPase in Plasma Membrane of Bream Brain (Abramis brama L.)
Genetically Transformed Plant Roots as a Model for Studying Specific Metabolism and Symbiotic Contacts of the Root System
Spatial Distribution of Lectin Activity in Perilesional Areas of Tobacco Leaves Inoculated with Tobacco Mosaic Virus
Photosystem Damage and Spatial Architecture of Thylakoids in Chloroplasts of Pea Chlorophyll Mutants
Mechanisms of Responses of Systemic Circulation
Antidiabetic and Anticoagulant Properties of Heparin–Glutamic Acid Complex
Ecological and Biochemical Evaluation of the Environment of Modern Foraminifers of the White Sea
Rank Distributions in Community Ecology from the Statistical Viewpoint
Resistance to Drying in Aquatic Mollusks
Changes in Ecological Features of Soils after Controlled Fires in Forests Defoliated by the Siberian Moth in the Southern Taiga Subzone of the Yenisei Region, Siberia