Antisense Oligonucleotides Inhibiting Ribosomal Functions in Mycobacteria
In vivo Expression of Copper-Transporting Proteins in Rat Brain Regions
Time Course of the Content of Folates and Free Amino Acids in Leaves of Pisum sativum L. after Irradiation with Ultraviolet C
Characteristics of Natural Strains of Naphthalene-Utilizing Bacteria of the Genus Pseudomonas
Effect of Environmental Factors on the Composition of Lipopolysaccharides Released from the Rhodobacter Capsulatus cell wall
In vitro Regeneration and Callogenesis in Tissue Culture of Floral Organs of the Genus Iris (Iridaceae)
The Effect of Pathogens and Phytohormones on the Rate of Oxidation of Phenols by Oxalate Oxidase in Wheat Seedlings
Effect of Lead on the Photosynthetic Apparatus of Annual Grasses
The Mechanism of Acoustic Transmission in Birds
Winter Distribution of Birds in the West Siberian Plain
The Role of α-Amylase of Symbiotic Microflora in Digestion by Lower Cestodes and Their Fish Hosts
Growth and Oxygen Consumption in Embryonic and Early Postembryonic Development of European Pond Turtle Emys orbicularis (Reptilia: Emydidae)
Hemostaseological Description of the Heparin-Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) Complex
Mechanisms of Neurogenic Dystrophies Induced by Activation and Deprivation of the Sympathetic Nervous System
The Role of Membrane Lipids in the Resistance of Clapsing-Leaved Pondweed (Potamogeton Perfoliatus L.) to Excess of Cadmium in Water
Taphonomic Features of Arctic Pollen
Fecundity of Large Fruit-tree Tortrix Archips Podana Scop. (Lepidoptera