Degradation of Phenols Formed during Lignin Pyrolysis by Microfungi of Genera Trichoderma and Penicillium

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This work presents the data on the rate of utilization of phenols formed during lignin pyrolysis by micromycetes of the genera Trichoderma and Penicillium. Trichoderma strains utilized phenols at the concentration of liquid pyrolytic products of 0.5–1%, while Penicillium strains degraded over 50% phenols at the concentration of pyrolytic products of 2%. Micromycete cultures completely utilized phenol and the cresol-xylenol fraction. Penicillium strains demonstrated a more active growth on media containing phenol, p-cresol, or guaiacum tar as the source of carbon as compared to Trichoderma. m-Cresol and m-xylenol in micromycete growth media containing products of lignin pyrolysis seem to be utilized by co-oxidation.

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