Population Structure of in Vitro Cultured Keratinocytes
Changes in Sphingomyelinase Activity, Tumor Necrosis Factor α Level, and Lipid Peroxidation Intensity in the Course of Development of Cholestatic Liver Injury
Regenerating Activity and Antibacterial Effect of Low-Molecular-Weight Chitosan
Biodiversity and Activity of the Microbial Community in the Kotelnikovsky Hot Springs (Lake Baikal)
Structure of Mitochondria and Activity of Their Respiratory Chain in Successive Generations of Yeast Cells Exposed to He-Ne Laser Light
A Simplified Method of Determination of cAMP in Plants Using Modified Enzyme Immunoassay
Life Cycles of Ground Beetles (Coleoptera, Carabidae) from the Mountain Taiga and Mountain Forest-Steppe in the Eastern Sayan
Independence of the Central Asian Faunistic Region (According to the Distribution of Lizards (Reptilia, Sauria))
The Role of the Vascular Factor in the Reorganization of Water Metabolism in Denervated Liver after Bacterial Endotoxin Poisoning
Technical Aspects of Using Rank Distributions of Phytoplankton Abundance for the Analysis of Mass Data of Freshwater Ecological Monitoring. Approximate Calculations
Ecofauna of Orthoptera in the Deserts and Semideserts of Southern Russia
Dynamics of Organic Matter Decomposition and Microflora Composition of Forest Litter in Artificial Biogeocenoses
Studies on the Effect of the Adhesion Protein Isolated from Bovine Eye on Cell Proliferation in the Newt Cornea
Growth Potential and Weight Increment of Aporrectodea rosea (Sav.) in Substrates with Different Composition and Structure in the Context of Biological Soil Improvement
African Wild Cat (Felis lybica Forster, 1780) in the Saratov Transvolga Region
Cannibalism in a Population of the Medicinal Leech (Hirudo medicinalis L.)
M.S. Gilyarov's Scientific School of Soil Zoology
Main Research Trends in Russian School of Soil Zoology (Based on the Proceedings of the IV All-Russian Conference on Soil Zoology)