The 70th Anniversary of theJournal
Mesenchymal Stem Cells : Sources, Phenotype, and Differentiation Potential
Electron Microscopy Description of Cardiomyocytes from the Left Ventricle of Rat Heart after Apoptosis Induction by Isoproterenol
Comparative Structural Analysis of Myosin Light Chains and Gene Duplication inFish
Characterization of Low-molecular-weight Glutenin Subunit Genes from Hordeum brevisubulatum Ssp. turkestanicum
Evolutionary Aspects of Hair Polymorphism
Mother-infant Spatial Relations inWild Beluga (Delphinapterus leucas) during Postnatal Development Under Natural Conditions
Certain Aspects of Interactions Between Cohabiting Sibling Species Microtus Arvalis and M. rossiaemeridionalis
Antidiabetic Properties of High Molecular Weight Heparin-adenosine Triphosphate Complex
Long-term Production Dynamics of Aquatic Vegetation inThe Arakhlei Lake (Eastern Transbaikalia)
The Use of Nucleolar Morphological Characteristics of Birch Seedlings For theAssessment of Environmental Pollution
Transformation of Soil Organic Matter inMicroarthropod Community From theNorthern Taiga of West Siberia
Ecological Distribution of Orthoptera inThe Steppes of Southern Russia
Soil Biological Activity inThe Chernye Zemli, Kalmykia, Inhabited By Gerbils Meriones tamariscinus and M. meridianus