Mucin (Muc-1) Expression is Differentially Regulated in Uterine Luminal and Glandular Epithelia of the Baboon (Papio Anubis)1
Effect of Developmental Age or Time after Transplantation on Sertoli Cell Number and Testicular Size in Inbred Fischer Rats1
Effect of Hypophysectomy, Sex of Host, and/or Number of Transplanted Testes on Sertoli Cell Number and Testicular Size of Syngeneic Testicular Grafts in Fischer Rats1
Characterization of Ovine Stem Cell Factor Messenger Ribonucleic Acid and Protein in the Corpus Luteum throughout the Luteal Phase1
Interphase Chromosome Arrangement in Sertoli Cells of Adult Mice1
Sexual Differences in the Diurnal Changes of Tuberoinfundibular Dopaminergic Neuron Activity in the Rat
Human Sperm Plasma Membrane Progesterone Receptor(s) and the Acrosome Reaction1
Influence of Hypothalamus and Ovary on Pituitary Function in Transgenic Mice Expressing the Bovine Growth Hormone Gene and in Growth Hormone-Deficient Ames Dwarf Mice1
Surface Localization of P34H, an Epididymal Protein, during Maturation, Capacitation, and Acrosome Reaction of Human Spermatozoa1
Cases of Human Infertility are Associated with the Absence of P34H, an Epididymal Sperm Antigen1
Progestin-Induced Puberty and Secretion of Luteinizing Hormone in Heifers1
Temporal Surge of Glycosyltransferase Activities in the Genital Tract of the Hamster during the Estrous Cycle1
Chemical Cues are Necessary but Insufficient for Reproductive Activation of Female Pine Voles (Microtus pinetorum)1
Regulation of Plasminogen Activator in Rat Endometrial Stromal Cells
Regulation of Urokinase Plasminogen Activator Production in Implanting Mouse Embryo
Development into Blastocysts of Bovine Oocytes Cryopreserved by Ultra-Rapid Cooling1
Stress Response of the Rat Testis
Ovine Endometrial Expression of Transforming Growth Factor β Isoforms during the Peri-Implantation Period1
Embryo Infiltration by Maternal Macrophages is Associated with Selective Expression of Proto-Oncogenes in a Murine Model of Spontaneous Abortion
Regulation of Steady-State Concentrations of Messenger Ribonucleic Acid Encoding Prostaglandin F2α Receptor in Ovine Corpus Luteum1
Maternal Cells are Widely Distributed in Murine Fetuses in Utero1
Region-Specific Localization of Retinoic Acid Receptor-α Expression in the Rat Epididymis
Prolactin-Induced Regression of the Rat Corpus Luteum
Effects of Nitric Oxide-Related Agents on Opioid Regulation of Rat Testicular Steroidogenesis1
Microtubular Dynamics in Granulosa Cells of Periovulatory Follicles and Granulosa-Derived (Large) Lutein Cells of Sheep
Chromatin Reorganization in Rat Spermatids during the Disappearance of Testis-Specific Histone, H1t, and the Appearance of Transition Proteins TP1 and TP21
Guidelines for Publication of Research Results in Reproductive Biology