Developmental and Stage-Dependent Expression of Melanin-Concentrating Hormone in Mammalian Germ Cells1
A Differentiation Antigen of Human Large Luteal Cells in Corpora Lutea of the Menstrual Cycle and Early Pregnancy1
Effect of Testosterone on Maturational Gonadotropin Subunit Messenger Ribonucleic Acid Levels in the Goldfish Pituitary1
Puberty Occurring Either Spontaneously or Induced Precociously in Rhesus Monkey (Macaca Mulatta) is Associated with a Marked Proliferation of Sertoli Cells1
Failure of Spermatogenesis to Recover Despite the Presence of A Spermatogonia in the Irradiated LBNF1 Rat1
Alterations of Intraembryonic Metabolites in Preimplantation Mouse Embryos Exposed to Elevated Concentrations of Glucose
Recombinant Soluble Human Complement Receptor Type 1 Inhibits Antisperm Antibody- and Neutrophil-Mediated Injury to Human Sperm1
Inhibin and Activin Have Antagonistic Paracrine Effects on Gonadal Steroidogenesis during the Development of the Chicken Embryo1
Histone-Binding Domains in a Human Nuclear Autoantigenic Sperm Protein1
Occurrence of Deoxyribonucleic Acid Fragmentation during Prolactin-Induced Structural Luteolysis in Cycling Rats1
Use of Synthetic Canine Relaxin to Develop a Rapid Homologous Radioimmunoassay1
Unusual Abundance of Arginine and Ornithine in Porcine Allantoic Fluid1
Ovary Mediates the Effects of RU486 Given during Proestrus on the Diestrous Secretion of Luteinizing Hormone in the Rat1
Localization of Three Genes in the Hook-Shaped Hamster Sperm Nucleus by Fluorescent in Situ Hybridization1
Gap Junctional Protein Connexin 43 in Bovine Corpora Lutea Throughout the Estrous Cycle1
Malignant Potential, Major Histocompatibility Complex Antigen Expression, and Genomic Imprinting of Rat Trophoblast Cell Lines1
Regulated Assembly of Connexin33 and Connexin43 into Rat Sertoli Cell Gap Junctions1
Interferon-y Inhibits the Synthesis and Release of Renin from Human Decidual Cells1
Inhibitory Effect of Peritoneal Macrophages on Progesterone Release from Cocultured Rat Granulosa Cells is Reversed by Dexamethasone
Expression of Heat Shock Protein 25 000 in Rat Uterus during Pregnancy and Pseudopregnancy1
Duration of Estrogen Exposure Prior to Follicle-Stimulating Hormone Stimulation is Critical to Granulosa Cell Growth and Differentiation in Rats1
Structural Relationship of Sperm Soluble Hyaluronidase to the Sperm Membrane Protein PH-201
Rat Luteinizing Hormone Receptor Messenger Ribonucleic Acid Expression and Luteolysis
Proliferative Activity in the Different Ovarian Compartments in Cycling Rats Estimated by the 5-Bromodeoxyuridine Technique1
Identification and Distribution of Prostaglandin E Receptors on Porcine Luteal Cells1
Validation of Radioimmunoassays for Two Salmon Gonadotropins (GTH I and GTH II) and Their Plasma Concentrations Throughout the Reproductive Cycle in Male and Female Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus Mykiss)1
Pervanadate Mediated an Increased Generation of Inositol Phosphates and Tension in Rat Myometrium. Activation and Phosphorylation of Phospholipase C-γ11
Lipopolysaccharide Inhibits in Vitro Luteinizing Hormone-Stimulated Rat Ovarian Granulosa Cell Estradiol but Not Progesterone Secretion1
Microtubule Organization in Porcine Oocytes during Fertilization and Parthenogenesis1
Stimulation of Human Sperm during Capacitation in Vitro by an Adenosine Agonist with Specificity for A2 Receptors
Presence of Organic Osmolytes in Maturation Medium Enhances Cytoplasmic Maturation of Porcine Oocytes1
Role of Epidermal Growth Factor in Bovine Oocyte Maturation and Preimplantation Embryo Development in Vitro1
Cell-Cell Interactions Related to Reproductive Biology
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