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Role of Testicular Luminal Factors on Basal Cell Elongation and Proliferation in the Mouse Epididymis1
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DAX1/NR0B1 Was Expressed During Mammalian Gonadal Development and Gametogenesis Before It Was Recruited to the Eutherian X Chromosome1
Transcriptomic Diversification of Developing Cumulus and Mural Granulosa Cells in Mouse Ovarian Follicles1
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Chlamydia muridarumInfection-Induced Destruction of Male Germ Cells and Sertoli Cells Is Partially Prevented by Chlamydia Major Outer Membrane Protein-Specific Immune CD4 cells1
The Expression of Cysteine-Rich Secretory Protein 2 (CRISP2) and Its Specific Regulator miR-27b in the Spermatozoa of Patients with Asthenozoospermia1