piRNA-independent PIWI function in spermatogenesis and male fertility†
Global oncofertility index—data gap slows progress†
Consequences of endogenous and exogenous WNT signaling for development of the preimplantation bovine embryo†
Acute bovine viral diarrhea virus infection inhibits expression of interferon tau-stimulated genes in bovine endometrium†
Clonal variation of human induced pluripotent stem cells for induction into the germ cell fate†
MicroRNA-21 plays a pivotal role in the oocyte-secreted factor-induced suppression of cumulus cell apoptosis†
Alpha-linolenic acid protects the developmental capacity of bovine cumulus–oocyte complexes matured under lipotoxic conditions in vitro†
Maternal RNA regulates Aurora C kinase during mouse oocyte maturation in a translation-independent fashion†
Changes in immune cell distribution and their cytokine/chemokine production during regression of the rhesus macaque corpus luteum†
Hyperandrogenemia reduces endothelium-derived hyperpolarizing factor-mediated relaxation in mesenteric artery of female rats†
Ovary-specific depletion of the nuclear receptor Nr5a2 compromises expansion of the cumulus oophorus but not fertilization by intracytoplasmic sperm injection†
Melatonin protects against cisplatin-induced ovarian damage in mice via the MT1 receptor and antioxidant activity†
The expression of CXCR4 is induced by the luteinizing hormone surge and mediated by progesterone receptors in human preovulatory granulosa cells†
The accessible chromatin landscape during conversion of human embryonic stem cells to trophoblast by bone morphogenetic protein 4†
Intraspecific chromosome polymorphisms can lead to reproductive isolation and speciation : an example in red brocket deer (Mazama americana)
Ca2+ signaling machinery is present at intercellular junctions and structures associated with junction turnover in rat Sertoli cells†
Stem cell activity of type A spermatogonia is seasonally regulated in rainbow trout†