A New Chapter for Biology of Reproduction
The long and short of translational control in male germ cells†
Bovine lineage specification revealed by single-cell gene expression analysis from zygote to blastocyst†
The transcriptome of the endometrium and placenta is associated with pregnancy development but not lactation status in dairy cows†,‡
Effect of simvastatin on baboon endometriosis†
Understanding avian egg cuticle formation in the oviduct : a study of its origin and deposition†
Subfertility in bulls carrying a nonsense mutation in transmembrane protein 95 is due to failure to interact with the oocyte vestments†
A delayed sperm penetration of cumulus layers by disruption of acrosin gene in rats†
Analysis of cysteine-X-cysteine motif chemokine ligands 9, 10, and 11, their receptor CXCR3, and their possible role on the recruitment of immune cells at the maternal–conceptus interface in pigs†
A neurokinin 3 receptor-selective agonist accelerates pulsatile luteinizing hormone secretion in lactating cattle†
Altered microRNA and Piwi-interacting RNA profiles in cumulus cells from patients with diminished ovarian reserve†
Effects of early pregnancy on uterine lymphocytes and endometrial expression of immune-regulatory molecules in dairy heifers†
Inhibition of polyamine synthesis causes entry of the mouse blastocyst into embryonic diapause†
The superovulated environment, independent of embryo vitrification, results in low birthweight in a mouse model†
Persistence of risk factors associated with maternal cardiovascular disease following aberrant inflammation in rat pregnancy†
Plasma anti-Müllerian hormone profile in heifers from birth through puberty and relationship with puberty onset†
Yes-associated protein and WW-containing transcription regulator 1 regulate the expression of sex-determining genes in Sertoli cells, but their inactivation does not cause sex reversal†