Mental Health of Children and Adolescents : Contemporary Problems of Organization of Specialized Mental Health Care
Modern Information Technologies and the Structure of Medical and Psychological Problems in School Education
A Comprehensive Rehabilitation System for Handicapped Children with Motor Disorders
Comprehensive Assessment of Mental and Physical Parameters in Drug Addicts as an Approach to Individual Therapy
Use of Computer Psychodiagnostic Methods for Vocational Orientation of Adolescents with Scoliosis
Diagnosis of Mental Retardation in Children Using the Response Time Recording Method
Use of the Ritmotest Computer Test System for Psychomotor Activity Analysis in Children with Spastic Infantile Cerebral Paralysis
Specific Spectral Structure of Tremor in Five- to Six-Year-Old Healthy Children and Children of the Same Age with Certain Neuromuscular Diseases
Health-Improvement Technologies of the XXIst Century : Current Status and Prospects
Evaluation of Learning Capacity from Electroencephalographic Parameters
Methodological Problems in the Use of Information Technologies in Physical Culture
Diagnosis and Treatment of Motor Disorders Using a Bilateral Stabilographic Platform in Clinics for Nerve Diseases
Use of Computer Test Systems for Studying Specific Age-Related Disorders of Higher Brain Function
Dynamics of Cognitive Sphere Formation in Children during Transition to Schooling
The Stabilotest Computer Diagnostic and Rehabilitation Stabilometric System
Metrological Support of Radiation Therapy
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