International Conference on Biomedical Instrument Engineering “Biomedpribor-2000”
Radiation Protection of X-Ray Rooms*
Methods of Transition from Nonuniform Dose Distribution in Tissue to Adequate Dose of Uniform Irradiation with the Same Probability of Post-radiation Complications
Tools for Invasive Interventions in Mammary Glands
Regulatory System State Versus Choices in a Stochastic Environment by Firefighters
Possibilities for Determination of Residual Volume of Lungs by the Air Flow Interruption Method
Experimental Study of the Roskardiks Two-Lobed Artificial Cardiac Valve
Use of Impedance Measurements to Assess Degree of Thermal Injury to Biological Tissues
An Automatic Decision-Making System Based on Mathematical Models of Simulation Dynamics Designed for Public Health Management*
Regeneration Hemodialysis Systems
Modern Methods and Devices for Monitoring Air Ion Composition*
Clinical Experience in Use of the Mammo-MT Mammograph
Autonomous Gastrointestinal Electrostimulators Based on an Antipolarization Generator