Standardization and Certification of Medical Devices : Results and Prospects
Standardization and Certification of Quality of Medical Devices
Use of International Standards in Design of Artificial Lung Ventilation Apparatuses
Testing of Domestic and Imported Medical Devices for Interference Stability Requirements
Development of Equipment for Interference Stability Testing
Testing of Safety Parameters of Medical Electrical Equipment : A New View
A Device for Measuring Output Power of UHF Therapy Apparatuses with Capacitive and Inductive Applicators
Use of an Absorbing Clamp-On Meter for Measuring Radio-Interference Power
Metrological Problems of Testing Medical Ultrasonic Equipment
Aspects of Standardization and Certification of Medical Devices
Principles of Design of an Impedance Electrosurgical Apparatus for Reliable Ablation of Malignant Tumors and Pathological Biological Tissues
Use of Three-Valued Logic for Increasing Stability of Interpretation Algorithms in Medical Diagnostic Devices
Optical Methods for Imaging Acupuncture Points and Zones
Analysis of Efficiency of Algorithms Increasing Information Value of Digital Photoroentgenographic Images
Psychophysiological Traits of Personality and Specific Features of Cardiac Rhythm Regulation during Occupational Activity
Algorithmic Support for Estimation of the Cost of Services during Dental Treatment
Information Computer Simulation of the Restriction of Infection Propagation by Sterilization of Medical Instruments and Equipment with Electrochemically Activated Aqueous Solutions*