Spectral Distribution of Braking Radiation in X-ray Tubes with Tungsten Anode
Determination of Quantum Efficiency of X-Ray Detectors
A Diagnostic Device for Determining the Three-Dimensional Contour of a Dental System Model
X-Ray Tubes with Ion Compensation of Electron Volume Charge
A Method for Calculating Equivalent Cancericide Dose as a Function of the Volume of Irradiated Malignant Tissue
Analysis of Structure of Hemodialysis Apparatuses
Visualization of Statistical Analysis of Components of Somatosensory Evoked Potentials
Method of Synthesis of the Psychophysiological Stress Index of Operators
Metrological Support of Medical Laser Devices
Results of Testing of Nonprotrusive Thigh Joint Implant
Experimental Study of the Dependence of Hemolysis Level on the Design of Artificial Cardiac Valves
Update on Technology and Equipment for Digital Photoroentgenography