The Sibir Digital X-Ray Apparatus
Assessment of Imaging Performance of Digital Photoroentgenographic Systems
Methods for Automatic Monitoring of Characteristics of Digital X-Ray Detectors
Study of Characteristics of X-Ray Sources Used in X-Ray Diagnostic Apparatuses. Part 2. Spectral Distribution of Braking Radiation and Its Dosimetric Characteristics
Methods for Assessing the Detail–Contrast Parameter of X-Ray Converting Detectors
Test Object for Quality Assurance of Orthopantomographs
ID-02M Small X-Ray Dosimeter for Monitoring Radiation Output
Substantiation of Medical Equipment Requirements for Mammographic Rooms
Use of an Automatic Classifying System for Dispensary Examination of the Population
Probability of Cell Death in Tissues, Integral Cellularity, and Probability of Post-radiation Complications in Tissues
Intraoral Panoramic Roentgenography
X-Ray Film Processing Machines in Domestic Roentgenographic Practice
Monitoring of the Shape of the Anode Voltage Curve in X-Ray Diagnostic Apparatuses Installed in X-Ray Rooms
Microfocal Dental Roentgenography