Optimization of Methods and Hardware Upgrade in Dermatoplastic Surgery in Combination with the Use of Ximedon, a Nonspecific Stimulator of Reparative Regeneration
Effect of Magnetic Field Generated by Erythrocytes in Brownian Motion on the Spin-Echo Signal of Blood Protons
Approximate Methods for Calculating Probability of Post-radiation Complications. 1. Method for Approximate Calculation of Probability of Post-radiation Complications. 2. Method for Calculation of Equivalent Conditions of Irradiation
Implementation of Algorithms for Identification of QRS-Complexes in Real-Time ECG Systems
Results of Experimental Testing of Thigh Joint Implant with an Isolating Clutch
A Biotechnical Feedback Chronoreactiometric System
An External Pacemaker for Prevention of Atrial Fibrillation
Assessment of Quality of Medical Radiographic Films and Reagents Used for Photochemical Processing
Use of an Apparatus for Automatic Lung Straightening in Postoperative Treatment of the Pleural Cavity
Determination of the Zones of Action of Alternating Magnetic Field on the Patient's Body
Testing of Characteristics of X-Ray Diagnostic Apparatuses Using a Test Cassette
MILTA-F Magnetic Infrared Laser Therapeutic Apparatus with a Photographic Recorder for Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Treatment of Inflammatory Diseases of Uterine Appendages
The AGM-03 Microprocessor Acidogastrometer