Correction of Light Reflection and Refraction in Optical Transmission Medical Tomography
A New Noninvasive Method for Ultrasonic Doppler Examination of Blood Circulation through Segmental Arteries
Noninvasive Estimation of the Temperature Gradient in Inner Layers of Biological Tissues by the Ultrasonic Method
Adaptive Methods for Impedance Reconstruction of Biological Objects
Analysis of the Dose Load on Patients and Medical Personnel Exerted by the FSTs-U-01 Photoroentgenograph with an X-Ray Image Intensifier
Computerized Medical Monitors : State-of-the-Art and Perspectives
Exhibition “Public Health-2001”. Medical Equipment
Exhibition “Public Health-2001”. Medical Devices and Apparatuses
Noninvasive Arterial Pressure Meter
The OMIS Software System : A Module for Analysis of Physiological Processes
A Technique for Laser Angioplasty
A Device for Calibration of Semiautomatic and Automatic Apparatuses for Measuring Arterial Pressure and Pulse Rate
The OS-250-01 Light Source for Endoscopic Equipment