A Method for Computer-Assisted Determination of the Variation Range of Safe Parameters of Cardiostimulation
Development of an Algorithm for Calculating the Spatial Distribution of the Radiation Intensity of Photomatrix Therapeutic Apparatuses
A Test Object for Monitoring Spatial Resolution and Contrast Sensitivity of X-Ray Diagnostic Apparatuses
Design Principles of an Electrochemical Dialyzate Regenerator for an Artificial Kidney Apparatus
Dynamic Algorithm for Controlling Profiles of Hemodialysis Parameters
Tissue Response to Biodegradable Suture Threads Made of Polyhydroxyalkanoates
Study of Biological Properties of Polyhydroxyalkanoates in a Long-term Experiment in vivo
A Device for Studying and Recording Threshold Values of Tactile Sensitivity of Periodontal Receptors
Analysis of Changes in State of Health Induced by Low-Dose Ionizing Radiation1
Comparative Analysis of Specifications of Imported Operating Tables Available on the Russian Medical Market
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