Perfusion Systems for Hemodialysis
Basic Principles of Organization of System Software for Multifunctional Noninvasive Spectrophotometric Diagnostic Devices and Systems
Analytical Assessment of the Effect of Changes in Peripheral Blood Parameters on the State of the Human Body and Its Systems
A Drug Powder Inhaler
Phase Structure of the Electrocardiogram from the Standpoint of a Refined Model of Pulse Hemodynamics
Use of Zirconium-Based and Zirconium-Coated Implants in Traumatology and Orthopedics
Use of High-Frequency Cold Plasma Ablation Technology for Electrosurgery with Minimized Invasiveness
Dynamic System Simulation for Prediction of the Number of Patients with Malignant Tumors in Various Clinical Groups and Assessment of the Demand for Financial Resources
Exhibition “Public Health-2003”. Medical Equipment
A Controller for Medical Devices
Experience in the Use of a Digital Mammograph
The TDI-22 Respiratory Trainer