Integration of Basic and Applied Biomedical Engineering Research at the Department of Biomedical Systems of Moscow State Institute of Electronic Engineering
Tomographic Restoration of the Optical Characteristics of Biological Objects in the Approximation of a Proportional Medium
Restoration of Medical Ultrasonic Images on the Basis of Effective Deconvolution of Scanning Data
Passive Propagation of Transmembrane Potential Induced by Intrinsic Capacitances of Myocardium Bioelectrolytes during Its Electrical Defibrillation
Selection and Shaping of Bipolar Pulses for External Electrical Defibrillators
Comparison of the Efficacy and Noise Immunity of Algorithms for Recognition of Shockable Cardiac Rhythms
Broadband Analog-to-Digital Conversion of Electrocardiograms
A Telemedical Electrocardiographic System Based on Component Architecture of Applied Software
An Integral Microcircuit for Multiphase Pulse-Duration Modulation Used in Voltage Converters of Biomedical Microprocessor Systems
A Semiconductor Photostimulator for Electroencephalography with USB Bus Control
A Generator for Testing Signals of Electroencephalographs and Electrocardiographs