60th Anniversary of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences
Determination of Detection Efficiency of X-Ray Diagnostic Systems from Visually Evaluated Minimal Radiation Contrast
A Study of Parameters of Scanning Roentgenographic Systems
Spectrozonal X-Ray Detector for Determining the Effective Atomic Number of Absorbing Tissue
Effect of Noise Correlation in Channels of a Digital X-Ray Detector–Converter on Evaluation of Detection Quantum Efficiency
Restrictions on Use of X-Ray Radiation for Tomography in Humans
Determination of Total Filtering and Half-Attenuation Layer of X-Ray Diagnostic Apparatuses from Relative Radiation Output
Use of a Method for Calculation of Equivalent Radiation Conditions for Increasing the Amount of Useful Clinical Information and Calculating the Dependence of Lesion Focus Resorption Probability on Lesion Volume and Total Dose Absorbed by the Lesion Focus
Digital X-Ray Equipment at the Public Health-2003 Exhibition
Evolution of X-Ray Image Receivers
Analysis of the State of X-Ray Diagnostic Equipment Used in Medical-and-Prophylactic Institutions of Moscow
Monitoring of Dose Load on Patients During Mammography
Digital Fluorograph With an Automated Exposure System
Arts-01-OKO Digital x-ray Apparatus
A Compact X-Ray Multimeter Based on Mobile Computer
A New Scanning Low-dose Digital Fluorograph Proscan-7000®