Computer-assisted implementation of an algorithm for separation of pathological and compensatory changes caused by acute disorders of blood circulation
Correlation between capacity of analog-to-digital converter and sampling frequency in the determination of the initial point of P wave of electrocardiosignal
Monitoring of X-ray digital receivers using the VNIIIMT 01-22-04 standard
Use of image reconstruction algorithms based on the integral radon transform in small-angle X-ray computer tomography
Accuracy of measurement of acidogenic function of the stomach by intragastric pH-metry
A portable device for rib traction
Interactive input and correction of information about the structure of the irradiated object in planning of radiation therapy
Automation of physical load control in prophylactic medicine
Optimization of the design of autonomous gastrointestinal electrostimulators
Testing of automated X-ray beam collimation system of diagnostic X-ray apparatuses
Use of green- and blue-sensitive imaging systems in roentgenography
Use of evoked otoacoustic emissions in audiological practice