Editors' Preface
Software and Hardware for Psychophysiological Computer Systems
Use of Computer-Assisted Testing Systems for Diagnosis of Cognitive Disorders in Schoolchildren with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Scientific, Organizational, and Methodological Principles of Development of Health Protection Technologies for Universities and Their Medical and Technological Support
Specific Features of Monitoring of Higher Mental Functions in Children with Abnormal Intellectual and Speech Development
Game-Based Biological Control
Instrumental Implementation of Methods for Monitoring of Human Higher Nervous Activity in Deterministic and Stochastic Environments
Psychophysiological Mechanisms of Choice in High School Students and University Students Specializing in Humanities
Domestic Computer Stabilography
Examination of Equilibrium Function in 7-10-Year-Old Children Using the Stabilotest System
Possibility of Instrumental Dynamic Monitoring of Integrative Activity of the Brain
Psychoemotional State of Children during Endoscopic Examination
A Study of the Energy State of the Brain in Children and Adolescents Using the Neiroenergometr-03 System
A Method for Testing Athletic Ability of Students Using a Psychophysiological System