Estimation of the Local Fraction of Cardiac Output from the Standpoint of the Theory of Active Diastole
A Method for Rapid Diagnosis of Thyroid Malfunction
Effective Radiation Doses Received by Medical Personnel During X-Ray Surgery
An Automated System for Studying the Mechanical Properties of Organs and Tissues Based on the Landysh Resonance Vibrotherapy Apparatus
Development of Automated System for Prophylactic Medical Examination AKDO on the Basis of the ASPON-D Automated System for Prophylactic Examination of Children
Structural Analysis of Diagnostic Efficiency of Bodyplethysmography in Patients with Bronchial Asthma
A Device for Biomechanical Studies of Soft Tissues
Synthesis of Radiological Models and Radiological Invariants (Constants). Part 1
Information Technologies in Scanning Roentgenography
Hilbert Transform-Based ECG Modeling
ECG Compression Using Ensemble Polynomial Modeling
Experience in the Use of a System for Monitoring the Somatic Health of Students