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Monitoring in Surgery and Resuscitation
Improvement of Equipment for Anesthesiological and Resuscitation Monitoring in Military Hospitals
Computer-Assisted Monitoring Systems. Use of Computer Networks and Internet Technologies
Methods for Increasing Reliability and Noise Protection of Arterial Pressure Measurement Channel
Ways of Improving the Accuracy of Arterial Pressure Oscillometry
Methods for Automatic Correction of the Effect of Various Factors on the Results of Capnometry
Measurement of Actual Tidal Volume Delivered by Apparatuses for Mechanical Ventilation of Lungs
Criteria of Accuracy of Measurement of Cardiocycle Duration in Systems for Monitoring of Cardiac Rhythm Variability Parameters
Automated Monitoring in Intensive Care of Critical States
Human Vital Function Monitor as a System with Hybrid Intelligence
Pulsoximetric Sensor for Diagnosis of Intrauterine Fetus State during Parturition
New Useful Options in Anesthesiological Monitoring
Monitoring of the Myoplegical Component of General Anesthesia
Role of Monitoring of Hemodynamic Parameters in Intensive Infusion Therapy