Methods For Increasing the Efficiency of Aerosol Inhalers
Estimation of Electrode Arrangement Efficiency in Measurement of Coordinates of Dipolar Myocardium Sources
Optimization of Devices for Antibiotic Phoretic Physiotherapy on the Basis of A Two-Barrier Model of Diffusion and Diffusion–Osmotic Migration of Antibiotic Anions
Experimental Determination of the Effective Atomic Number of Inclusion Tissue by Spectrozonal Roentgenography
A Study of the Necessity for Cooling of Charge-Coupled Devices in X-Ray Imaging Systems
Analysis of Diagnostic Efficiency of Lung Ventilation Parameters in Patients With Bronchial Asthma
Synthesis of Radiological Models and Radiological Invariants (Constants). Part 2
A Method for Prevention of Exposure of Acupuncture Points to Undesirable Effects
Correction of Acute Stress-Induced Disorders of Hemostasis Using the Kvch-No Apparatus
Design Principles, Structure, and Specific Features of the Kardiovid Computer Diagnostic System
A pH Probe for Endoscopic Parietal Topographical pH Measurement
A Spiroarteriocardiorhythmograph
Development of Systems for Digital Fluorography and Roentgenography Based on X-Ray Image Intensifiers
A Cassette with a Mechanism for Removal of the Radiographic Film
The History of Oximetry